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About Empower Univers Pvt Ltd

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Empower univers pvt ltd is established in Thrissur, Kerala in 2019 with a team of professionals to develop eco-friendly and hygienic products that eliminate commonly used harmful ingredients .

Empower univers pvt ltd is a new wing generated from cosmetic and house hold cleaning products manufacturing unit which has been running in the market for last decades. It aims to full fill the need of daily consuming products with high satisfaction guarantee.

Our mission


To provide low price and high quality to keep a low profile while generating high income, is ideal for direct selling this system, is equitably accessible to anyone of any background. Our enterprises system enables anyone to enjoy personal achievements that lead to greater financial independence.

Business Model

Business Model

Empower Univers Pvt Ltd is structured on a direct selling business model. This is a business opportunity that is open to everyone without investment. Through retailing our products, they can earn money by direct selling of our products. It helps them to generate income on commission basis, they can also introduce new people to the business and who in turn can retail products and offer a business opportunities to others. The products are sold via home-based businesses owned and operated by Empower uUnivers Pvt Ltd Independent Consultants. The Independent Consultants is not an employee of Empower univers pvt ltd